MADPAC Latex and Nitrile gloves are tested before they leave the manufacturers premises to demonstrate our commitment to quality but more importantly our commitment to you, our clients, to ensure you receive a product you can trust. This is an investment in our company that not many suppliers choose to make but your confidence in us and our product is paramount. We understand that this trust has to be earned and it can be a long road to travel but we know that the journey will be worthwhile.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry we recognize that earning your trust is not an overnight achievement, nor is it going to be an easy passage whilst we establish our reputation in this market, but the commitment to maintain integrity will not wane.

If you value the quality of your work too then you will understand the worth and cost of making such a pledge. This testing does not come for free and the cost does come off the bottom line but thankfully we manage to reduce our costs elsewhere to keep our product competitive. We don’t have multiple staff wading through your door with pen in hand seeking your order. If you want our product it is easy, order online, send us an email, fax or pick up the phone and we will answer your call quickly. No need to scratch around looking for a customer number assigned to you, just tell us the practice name and suburb and we will find you because we want your business and we are prepared to work to get it!

MADPAC won’t take your custom for granted, we offer a quality product at a competitive price and we guarantee our product.